Monday, November 24, 2008

All new Honda City 2009 Specifications

The all new Honda City comes with a dynamic style which is truly path-breaking. The Arrow Shot Form, responsible for the refined aero dynamics of the car amplifies its presence wherever it goes.The front face of the car running from the grill to the headlight creates a bold and distinctive look.

The all new Honda City is longer, wider and sturdier. It measures 4420 mm in length (5 mm longer than its predecessor if license plate is excluded) and 1695 mm in width (5 mm wider) While maintaining the same ground clearance and same head clearance, the height has been lowered by 15 mm to 1480 mm delivering a sleeker and sturdier body shape which gives the City a refined driving position. With its wheelbase extended by an additional 100 mm, efficient use of space has been made for both driver and occupants to create a spacious cabin interior.

The interiors of the car look very attractive with the advanced looking meter design and soothing colour contrasts of the new City promises its consumers with a stylish, spacious and comfortable lounge. The City boasts marvelous interiors ¬ luxurious and relaxing. Whether you are in the driver's seat or just along for the ride, your experience in the City can only be enjoyable. Indulge yourself in the sumptuous interiors, where every detail is crafted with precision engineering for immaculate perfection

The new CITY has been designed to meet the needs of daily life, providing a variety of convenient, multi-purpose storage areas.

The City is equipped with a powerful and very effective air conditioning system with heater to instantly transform the cabin into your comfort zone. The powerful blower with special and advanced compressor, along with under-seat ducts for the rear seat passengers, provides an unforgettable experience of total comfort.

During a frontal collision, when the sensors detect an impact that exceeds a preset threshold, the airbags are instantly deployed and then gradually deflated to reduce head and chest injuries. At the same time, when seatbelt load exceeds a certain preset threshold, the 3-point ELR front seatbelts with load-limiting pretensioner immediately rewind and tighten, then loosen again to reduce chest and shoulder injuries.

systems work to prevent wheel lock in an emergency braking situation or when braking on slippery road surfaces. ABS stabilizes the vehicle while braking so the driver can better control it and avoid obstacles ahead. The Brake Assist system helps the driver when braking, leading to increased brake force in emergency situations.

Honda's unique G-Force Control Technology controls impact energy (G-CON) in the event of a collision and limits injuries. Honda has enhanced collision safety through real-world collision safety research, including car-to-car crash testing at the world's first indoor Omni directional crash test safety facility.

To protect occupants in case of a collision, Honda has worked to enhance self-protection while striving to reduce damage to the other vehicle involved. The external body structure of the new Honda City ensures advanced pedestrian safety features. An advanced security system that effectively prohibits theft without the key specific to the vehicle, providing a warning with the horn and hazard lights getting activated.

Safety of passengers and pedestrians is a first priority for Honda. The new Honda City comes fully loaded with all active and passive safety features including ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) with Brake Assist (BA), Dual SRS airbags, pre-tensioner seat belts and G-CON (G-Force Control Technology) body with a crush-proof survival zone. The front body structure of the new Honda City ensures advanced pedestrian safety features. With the new City, these safety features are now a standard offering across the entire range of Honda in the Indian market.

The all new Honda City is engineered at its best. The new 1.5 L i-VTEC engine delivers 118PS, while being extremely fuel efficient. The 5-speed automatic transmission with paddle shift keeps the control in your hands for a smooth and exciting drive. The all new Honda City is E10 ready.Stress-free acceleration and swift response to throttle inputs assure comfortable starts and passing ability on the highway.The joy of driving that only Honda can provide and the New City's superior riding comfort certainly will satisfy the requirements for next-generation quality.

In pursuit of Class-leading output and excellent fuel efficiency, the New CITY is powered by the highly developed i-VTEC engine.The New CITY's i-VTEC engine is developed for all-round performance. It delivers high output, fuel efficiency and environmental-friendly performance.Intake valve timing and valve lift settings switch to meet both low- and high-speed driving requirements. Optimized valve overlap in the low-, mid- and high-speed ranges enhances intake and exhaust efficiency for excellent performance with plenty of torque throughout all speed ranges. The meter panel features a fuel consumption indicator presenting instant and average fuel consumption, and estimated remaining driving range, supporting the driver to drive in a fuel efficient way

AT with Paddle Shift The unique Paddle Shift gear option allows you to switch gears without using the clutch pedal. The 5AT (Automatic Transmission) allow you to change gear ratios automatically-freeing you from having to shift gears manually. The right paddle is for shifting up while the left paddle is for shifting down, which is the same as for an F1 machine. In D-range mode, the driver can shift up and down by using the paddles, while automatically returning to normal AT driving mode when a sensor determines the car is cruising. On the other hand, in S-range, the mode does not revert automatically to AT driving mode, which allows the driver to enjoy a manual transmission-like driving feel.

Manual TransmissionThe All New City boasts of a smoother wire type manual transmission gear shift with hydraulic clutch. As compared to a rod type, wire type operating system makes for a much smoother gear shift. The gear shift has good moderate stiffness, and thanks to a shortening of the sleeve stroke of the synchronizer, is also much lighter. What's more, the clutch utilizes hydraulic pressure to reduce the force needed during operation and to provide a fatigue-free driving experience.

Front Suspension- Mc Pherson strut An optimised compliance bush placement with a larger capacity makes lower bush springs possible to provide a supple riding feel.

Rear Suspension: H-Shaped Torsion BeamA reduced spring lever ratio and increased trailing arm bush capacity provide more supple riding comfort.

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