Sunday, November 16, 2008

How to configure your mail account in Outlook Express:

Outlook Express Here's how to configure your mail account in Outlook Express: Open your Microsoft Mail client and select "Tools > Accounts." Select the Mail tab and click the "Add" button. Enter the information as given, replacing the sample with your email address and domain name. Outgoing Mail (SMTP): Incoming Mail (POP 3): My incoming server is a: POP3 Account name: Password: ******** It is important to note that the Account Name uses a % symbol and not the @ character

The Yahoo! SMTP server requires Authentication to properly send emails. To turn this setting on:

From the Tools menu, choose "Accounts." Select the "Mail" tab. Double-click the account labeled "" Select the "Servers" tab. Check the box next to "My Server Requires Authentication." Click "OK." Important: For security purposes, and to prevent unauthorized use, our mail server requires that you check your mail before you send outgoing messages. Unfortunately, some Microsoft email programs such as Outlook do not perform this task. For this reason, some Outlook users will need to use their Internet Service Providers (ISP) outgoing mail server (SMTP) setting. If you do not know the setting to use, please contact your ISP and ask them for the appropriate SMTP setting to send mail. Click "OK" when you are finished. The other configurable items are optional. See the Help area of the software for more information.

If you are having trouble with outgoing email, please try adding in the following settings as well:

Open Outlook Express and go to "Tools > Accounts > Mail." Select "Mail Account > Properties > Servers." At the bottom of the Servers window there is a check box. It says "My server requires Authentication." Once you have checked the box, click on the "Settings" tab. Select the button that says "Log on Using." Then input your user name in the corresponding box and your password in its corresponding box. This extra option will help in authenticating the email account with our servers.

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