Thursday, November 20, 2008

Intel launched its most advanced processor ever

Intel launched this Monday its most advanced processor ever, the Intel Core i7, the first member of the Nehalem family, but also the fastest and most sophisticated processor in the world. The announcement was made during an event held in San Francisco.The Core i7 processor was designed to deliver incredible speed and performance without increasing power consumption. This is especially remarkable at times when the IT world needs to provide more energy efficiency and energy smart power management features, something that Intel has shown great interest in.The first Nehalem processor speeds up video editing, gaming and any other activity on the computer or Internet by almost 40 percent, the company revealed, making it the fastest processor in the world, and meeting the needs of the most demanding users.As Patrick Gelsinger, senior vice president and general manager of Intel?s Digital Enterprise Group pointed out in a statement, the Core i7 combines Intel?s biggest leap in chip design with incredible innovations in its solid state drives (based on multi-level cell NAND flash technology, which the company introduced earlier in September), thus redefining the computer of tomorrow.As a proof of that, the Core i7 scored a whooping 117 on the SPECint_base_rate2006 benchmark test (which measures the processor?s performance), holding a world record as the first processor to score more than 100 points.With the help of the Turbo Boost Technology, which accelerates performance to adjust to the user?s needs and workloads, as well as the on-die power control unit and the ?power gate? transistors based on the advanced 45 nanometer, high-k metal gate process, the Core i7 meets the demands of all users, and was highly appreciated in reviews. In addition to ensuring the ultimate power-saving technology, the Core i7 also more than doubles the memory bandwidth of the previous Intel Extreme platform, the company explained, speeding up the transfer of computer bits and bites in and out of the processor with the help of the Quickpath technology. For all the game-addicts out there, Core i7 delivers the ultimate gaming experience, 40 percent faster than that offered by any previous high-performance processor, according to the 3DMark Vantage CPU physics and AI tests measurements for gaming performance. The company introduced 3 models: the Intel Core i7-965 Extreme Edition, 3.20 GHz clock speed, 6.4 QPI speed, at $999; the Intel Core i7-940, 2.93 GHz clock speed, 4.8 QPI speed, at $562; and the Intel Core i7-920, 2.66 GHz clock speed, 4.8 QPI speed, at $284. All three models come with 8MB level 3 cache, DDR3-1066 memory speed support for best performance on any desktop platform, and are based on the Nehalem 45nm microarchitecture. The Core i7 Extreme Edition also removes overspeed protection, allowing knowledgeable customers or hobbyists to further increase the chip's speed, the company explained.

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