Saturday, November 22, 2008

Save electric bills by 30%‏

Services available in Pakistan Only !

We are the sole distributor in Pakistan of power factor based on German Technology which reduces your electricity bills by 30% guaranteed by reducing the ampere load of your appliances. It is working in Pakistan since 2 years ago.

A new revolution in electricity power factor save your electricity bills by 30%

No meter Alteration;
No cable installation;
No worry about offences;
Not slowing down your meter reading;
Increase your power efficiency;
Stabilize your voltage and current;
Prolong the lifetime of your electricity appliances;
Reduce you electricity bills by controlling torque load.

As we know that electric pressure fluctuates according to the peak and valley state of electric current, but these are not perfect cycles

They come with many instabilities, our product has resolved this problem by lowering these cycles, hence saving us electricity, money and extending the life of our appliances

* What is the fundamental logic.?
Power factor serves to stabilize voltage, to reduce phase difference between current and voltage, to increase power factor, to decrease current, and thus to reduce power wastage and save power.

Technical Parameter:
Rated Voltage: 90V - 250V
Rated frequency: 50Hz - 60Hz
Useful Load: 25KW – 2000KW

*It’s an opportunity to save your money hence saving country’s electricity.!

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