Friday, November 28, 2008

What is Skype ?

A lot of people have been commenting on my "Skype on PSP" video asking questions like: "What is Skype?", "Is is free?", "Do I need a microphone?", "How can people call me?", "How do I get Skype on my PSP?", "Why can't I get Skype on my PSP?". Well, this post aims to answer all those questions.

What is Skype?Skype allows users to make telephone calls over the Internet to other Skype users free of charge and to landlines and cell phones for a fee.

Is it free?Yes and no. Calling other Skype users on their computers, PSPs, and other Skype enabled devices is absolutely free. On the other hand, calling landlines and cell phones costs a small amount of moola.

Do I need a microphone?Yes, you need the PSP headset and remote. The remote came with the original PSP but not the Slim. You can buy the PSP Headset Kit for Skype at Gamestop or Amazon, which includes both the headset and remote.

How can people call me?There are two different ways people can call you. The first way is calling you from Skype on their computer, PSP, or other Skype device. Secondly, people can call your SkypeIn number from any phone, which is basically the same as a regular phone number, but this feature will cost extra.

How do I get Skype on my PSP?Skype is included in the latest PSP Slim/2000 firmware update. If you have WiFi then you can update by going to the settings on your PSP and clicking "Network Update". If you don't have WiFi then you can update by going here and following the instrcutions at the bottom of the page (This requires either the PSP USB cable or a Memory Stick Duo reader).

Why can't I get Skype on my PSP?If you can't get it on your PSP then you most probably don't have a Slim/2000 series PSP. It will not work with the old PSP 1000 series PSPs. You probably think it's because Sony doesn't care about the people that bought the original PSP. Well, that's not the case. The reason it doesn't work is that the original PSP doesn't have enough RAM to run Skype.

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