Sunday, December 28, 2008

Deaths in Israel airstrike mounts ( Now who is the real terrorist and where is Bushs Terrorists Policy )

As instructed by its political leadership, the Israeli army continued its military offensive against the Gaza Strip and shelled further targets raising the number of deaths among the residents to 228, and at least 700 residents were wounded, dozens seriously.

The Qatar-based news Agency said that the simultaneous and ongoing Israeli strikes also targeted a mosque, the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees, and dozens of civilian homes and facilities.

At least 40 security centers were simultaneously hit; some centers were repeatedly hit which increased the number of casualties as the residents and medics rushed to evacuate the wounded and the casualties before the Israeli force struck the same targets again

AL Shifa hospital in Gaza, the main hospital in central Gaza, is overloaded with killed and wounded residents. Dr. Hasan Khalaf, head of the hospital, said that the hospital had to use some ordinary rooms as primitive intensive care units due to the large number of injuries.

Is everyone Sleeping Now ? 228 people killed 750 wounded where is everyone now ? Innocent people are killed by the Israel now no one using hard words against them ? No one threatening them to stop the Air strikes and these killings. My question to all the readers who is the real terrorist ? Are these killings justified ? People and Media Talked about the Mumbai Attacks day and night but they never talk of what is happening in the Gaza strip.

People talk of peace and this is the peace given to the people of Gaza. My question to the United States and President Bush why don't you stop Israel ? There is so much i want to write but what is the use

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  1. i think it's happening because bush is not against this attacks!!! he is the terrorist!