Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How to Celebrate Christmas When Money is Tight

Celebrating Christmas when money is tight is on many people's minds as Thanksgiving quickly approaches and the shopping, decorating, and season of Christmas celebration begins. Maybe it's time to gain perspective and realize the true "reason for the season" by letting go of the need to spend money that you may not have. Here's how to do just that.

Start with the tree: When you are used to buying the big tree on the lot for fifty to eighty dollars, it's hard to change. But when money's too tight to spend that much, it's time to look at other avenues. Look for a smaller tree lot where prices will be lower, or, if you live in the country consider cutting one of your own from your backyard or a neighbor's. A "Charlie Brown" tree can be a thing of beauty all dressed up.

Decorating: Is your home straight from the Chevy Chase movie, "Christmas Vacation" ? Do you have enough lights and electric decorations to shut down the city grid? Consider lighting up a single outdoor decoration such as a large wreath or outdoor tree instead of wrapping the whole house. Often the most elegant home is the one that doesn't have all the blow up Santas and Grinchs on the front lawn.

Instead of buying new ornaments and holiday decorations: consider the old ways of cranberries, popcorn and paper chains. Enlist the help of the children and elders. Drink hot chocolate and eat more popcorn than you string ! When you want to save money and make the most of your holiday experience, this is a great idea to create memories !

Step4 Christmas cards If you want to send Christmas cards: Consider using an online card sending service to save on postage during the holidays, or purchase Christmas cards from the Dollar Store

Think homemade gifts: Get the family in on the act by making homemade presents. You may not want to make all of them, but homemade Christmas gifts; when given from the heart, often last IN the heart for far longer than ones that come from the store.

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