Saturday, December 6, 2008

Karachi Bloggers Meetup

Today was a day when karachi bloggers meetup changed my views about blogging. I started blogging just about a month ago with a view in mind that blogging is just about collecting intresting articles and posting them on one's blog but after visiting the seminar my views changed. At first i saw how much passionate bloggers are about blogging and how much hard work they do just for the sake of their passion. Bloggers where live blogging in the seminar and this shows how dedicated they are towards blogging. As i am just a newbie i didnt know anyone so i hesitated alot in talking to someone but eventually i started talking to a fellow blogger with whom i shared my story and ideas about blogging. I would not go in the detail about what happend in the seminar or the meetup but to be breif it was about interaction between professional blogger and people who were new or just unware about blogging. For me this meetup changed all of my views now i know just copying someones material would not give me the satisfaction which i want from blogging i need to create something of my own i need to write something orginal of my own so that i can be called a blogger. From now on ill try to post articles in my own words and with my own opinion so that my viewers ( if any ) can have materials which are authentic and original. In the end i would like to extend my applogies to my fellow blogges from whom i have copied some materials and articles, the reason i would give is " I just did it for learning , wanted to know what blogging was which eventually has now taken me to a point where i have made up my mind that from now on ill try to post orignal material for my viewers.
A special Thanks to all the organizers guests persent at Karachi Bloggers Meetup
Thank You All for educating people like me who are on the wrong path of blogging


  1. "S2K2"...
    its always good when we come to know our own weaknesses... and its really great to admit them...

  2. but i am sorry too i also coping your matrual about mumbia or some thing cool articals sorry please visit if you said so i put your name on it please visit and put comments in massage box for me sorry again