Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last Macworld Expo 2009 by Apple

The latest news for us regarding Apple is that The Macworld Expo 2009 will be the Last One. This News may astonish Apple Fans as the Macworld Expo was a key feature of Apple to display and portry its products to the World.

If this was not enough another bad news comes for the Apple Fans, the last Macworld Expo won’t feature the traditional opening keynote by Steve Jobs. In his place Phill Schiller who is Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing will do the honors of the Opening keynote.

The Reasons Apple gave in its press release about why the Macworld Expo will be Fading into the dark is that Apple has found other means to communicate with its Users or should i say Apple has found other channels of communication and trade shows are just a minor part of it.

Steve Jobs the founder of Apple wont be with us in the last Macworld and without him it would really be a boring one unless Apples has something special for its users that will fullfil the gap that would be there without Steve Jobs.

For almost the whole Apple user community, one of the main attractions was the traditional keynote of Steve Jobs at Macworld but now with both gone, its going to be a very sad scenario.

Like a Child Needs it mother Apple as a child needs Steve Jobs.

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