Sunday, December 28, 2008

Manmohan Singh gets six-pack abs

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh surprised the whole world today by showing his six-pack abs. He wore a Spartan costume exposing his abs when he came for an emergency cabinet meeting on domestic security. While his new abs drew reactions ranging from admiration to ridicule, it attracted serious objection from Pakistan.

What creativity by people, This is funny 


  1. lolzz, i bet zardari wont tolerate this, hes going to join a gym pretty soon.....

  2. Stupid Looking Sikh.We see the massacre of them in 1984 by Hindu extremists.But Sardars are stupids.Muslims after Babri mosue and Gujarat well understood Hindus but Sikhs are the stupid nation.

  3. yea Zardari will seriously have to do somethign about it :d