Monday, December 1, 2008

Mumbai blasts

The indian media Shamelessly continues blaming Pakistan for the Mumbai blasts, concocting stories from their evil minds in an effort to malign Pakistan. I have been watching the news and developments closely from day one of the blasts and have observed the following: First of all in my opinion from what the Indian Tv channels have showed (in their Live coverage) The blasts are not at all of the magnitude as they claim, they are making a "mountain out of a mole-hill" (something Indian channels are well known for).The Indian news channels have a history of depicting news in a "Bollywood story like fashion" with more speculation than facts. They (the news channels) have been showing the live footage of the damage from the blasts. They keep repeating the same 5 to 6 clips of footage with sensational captions in a bid to stir up the public sentiments.The clips they have been repeatedly showing are those of a "broken chair"... "broken glass windows"...smoking windows... a flaming window.....people running about....people standing in windows....then they show commandos and policemen and then all the same footage is repeated, again and again and again.....A grenade blast does more damage than what the Indian channels have shown thusfar!They make up headlines like : "Terrorists had planned a 9/11 kind of attack but underestimated the strength of the building"9/11 saw two of the worlds tallest buildings crumble down to rubble, while the taj still stands in its grandeur, was attacked by grenades! Perhaps the Militants, who according to the Indian authorities, had in depth knowledge of the Hotel and all its passages, under-estimated the nature of the building. (maybe they thought the 105 year hotel was made of wood and paper) I do not, in any way belittle the tragedy, it is a great loss of innocent lives and i condemn this brutal act in the strongest possible words, but i find it amusing when they compare it to 9/11. The reports were full of exagerration with headings like "Mumbai under seige"... "continous exchange of firing between the troops and the militants", and Mumbai under attack and so on, while the nonstop Live transmission showed hundreds of people standing near the hotels, firemen scaling up ladders to rescue people and fighting fires.The funniest part was (seen live on TV) when the sharp shooters had taken up their positions on the ground, lying behind some concrete slabs, when scores of people (civilians) were walking infront of them (did the civilians have a death wish?).It was so evident that the situation was much milder than it was being depicted. Secondly, the indian news channels stated such contradictory statements themselves (clearly proving that they themselves had no idea of what was going on) yet they kept on bashing Pakistan. They started off by saying that "the deccan mujahideen" were behind the attacks (Nobody ever heard of the deccan mujahideen before this incident), and that it had claimed responsibility of the blasts!!Then they claimed the Militants were linked with Al Qaeda!!Then they started saying the militants were from Pakistan! Suppose they were from Pakistan, the first question that arises to mind is Why were Militants from Pakistan demanding that Indian authorities release Indian mujahideens? according to the link with the news from The times of India: http://timesofindia .indiatimes. com/articleshow/ 3762100.cms? TOI_mostemailed It is noteworthy that the Indian news channels said that the situation was so bad that the police could not handle it, so the government had to call in the army, the ATS (anti terrorist sqaud), the navy, the BSF (border security force) and then the commandos!It is a well known fact that whenever the army (or commandos) of any country is called in to take charge of a situation the first thing they do is cordon off the area, not even the police (let alone the news reporters) are allowed anywhere nearby, but we saw that even the civilians were walking about freely, the press was covering the entire incident "LIVE". Then whenever there is a Hostage situation (anywhere in the world) It is natural that the captors make demands, (whatever their demands may be) give a deadline, and threaten to kill one person after every hour or so if their demands are not met and most importantly demand a safe passage out.But to the surprise of everyone, none of the above happened....The captors had hundreds of hostages but did not kill any (apart from the grenade attacks). Were they were waiting for the forces to kill them? Whenever (in a hostage situation) all the hostages are released, the forces usually fire tear gas, storm the building to either eliminate or capture the militants alive.But NO.... this also did not happen! One report suggests that even the Taj Hotel had been warned in advance about the attacks and that the management had made arrangements to scan everyone with metal dectectors but only in the front entrance, whereas the militants entered the hotel building from its rear entrance, furthermore it says these Militants came from Karachi by boats and stayed in Mumbai for 10 days, took help from google earth to locate their targets, then travelled to the sites by taxi ! Another very interesting thing is that according to india's intelligence agency, R.A.W. ("Research and analysis Wing") on the 18th of November they had intercepted a call from which they received information about the plans to these attacks with the perpetrators coming from Karachi on boats and that they had passed on this very vital information to the Indian Navy, when they (the Indian Navy was busy with their naval excercises in the exact same area of the sea!!!!! How stupid do they think we are?? Isnt it obvious that all of this was a staged incident?Apparently by the BJP or the Shiv sena or any other party for that matter, to discredit the present government in a bid to gain political mileage just before the municipal elections. The Killing of foreigners especially Americans, Britons and Israelis was mainly to gain International attention because when there are Israelis killed it is commonly believed that the attackers will be Muslims, then blame Pakistan... kill two birds with one stone! How convenient it is for India to blame Pakistan..... as always...... without any evidence! If it took 60 hours for India's entire forces to overcome 10 or so militants, my advice to India is that they stop spending billions of dollars on thier defense, get rid of all their present forces and Hire 100 Militants (from Pakistan) for their security!!!

Material collected and written by: Nadeem Meer.


  1. "The blasts are not at all of the magnitude as they claim." Around 195 people dead. Isn't it enough? So do you think if a million people were then only the situation is big? Terrorists took hostage for about 60 hours. I dont know how you can spell a word like this! Just writing is more simpler than doing it actually. Hostage situations are more difficult than a war. No one blames without any evidence. It is also said that initial clues only gives the linking. Its useless to comment on these kind of blog without studying the situation.

  2. You people are so angry just think we have these kinds of terrorist activities every month what if we start saying india has done this its india lets blame them for all the killings and bombings be practical. And the article is not to offend anyone its just someones point of view which i though i should share it through my blog.

  3. I understand it hurts you when some one say that these are Pakaistanis....but I think you should also acknowledge the fact that....

    Maana ki Sab Muslim terrorist nahi hai lekin yeh bhi to sach hai ki to Terrorits hain woh to muslim hain.

    Ab yeh Mulsim pakistani hai yah..hindustani..yeh alag bahas ka muddha hai..lekin you cannot ignore and deny the fact that Pakistan has sponored terrorisim in India.

    So before making any comment, you should understand the facts properly and only then post what ever you want.

  4. Just keep yourself at my place and think what would u say if a state and people of that state say that u r a terrorist

    Sir who ever you are we dont know what are the facts and even the facts which are showed to us we dont know if that is true or not

    Basically through this Post i dont want to say that what ever happened was good but my point was that after all the logical facts reasons and evidence should one say a country is involved is such sort of things. Jumping to a conclusion is not write

    I know and i read alot of mails regarding this issue and most of the indian people are just so angry that they dont think even what they are saying Muslim Terrorist and all sorts of things basically this hurts when we read such things anyways sorry if the post offened You

  5. Please dont give comments which may offend others

  6. Fact is bitter to accept I know. But you should accept the facts atleast. The whole article is about the facts showed by the Indian Media both (Print and Electronic Media). I agree to the writer and I also condemn in the strongest words I can find, after all its about human lives lost in these attacks. But you should see the footage of blasts in Pakistan, there were occasions when the vistims were only a few people, but the damage showed that it was a bomb blast, even a grenade can damage a lot more than the pictures showed. You might have a different opinion and I truly respect your opinion, but you can not, even no one can stop me to tell the world what I thinks or what is my oipinion.

    Even though I respect your opinion you still might be thinking of that the whole article is bull shit... I really want you to just read the article with a cool mind and then think about what is written in the article is true or not, its all what Indian media is portraying.

    One news headline was on the media that one email came from Paksitan, but just after this news media was displaying that the IP address of that email is from Russia. So one can understand how can a Pakistani Email comes from Russia. And this was not disclosed by any Pakistani or Indian Media, this was disclosed by US cyber investigators.

    What I want to say that, attackers might be from Pakistan, but Indian media and investigation agencies should show some evidences which they claim to have captured from the terrorists. And I strongly condemn these types of terrorist attacks anywhwre in the world. And We can only stop these acts by joining hands and sharing informations we have or opinions we have.

  7. Rightly said we should join hands and fight against people who are trying to upset peace both in Pakistan and India

  8. Whoever wrote the above facts a big round of applause to the person….. I strongly agree with all ov this….thx dude….:)