Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nokia N97 Vs iphone Deciding Factors

Now iphone as a new competitor in the market, its hard to say which one of the two will survive

The new Nokia N97 seems to be a promising smartphone not only in terms of its features and functionality but also in terms of its stylish form factor, color and design.

If the slide-out QWERTY keyboard is not enough to beat the on-screen keyboard in the iPhone, I must mention that the N97 has a 5MP camera (with flash) and a video-recording option too.

The other major function which are available in N97 are, At first sms forwarding option is available whereas iphone does not have this feature.

Secondly Iphone as a 2 megapixel camera withoutflash whereas N97 has a 5MP camera with Flash. N97 has video recording option of DVD quality.

N97 has wifi and GPS with electronic compass

Memory specs of N97, 32GB with microSD whereas Iphone has 8GB or 16GB only

Price of N97 $600 and Price of Iphone $700 (unlocked)

Nokia N97 is going to be an amazing device, though we shouldn’t get our hopes up until the device is out and available in the market.

If one of you is planning to buy an iphone, my opnion is to have a thorough look at the comparisons again, it may help you change your mind.

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