Thursday, December 18, 2008

Now SPY on people without their knowledge using this motion detecting camera

Are you a nature lover or wish to spy on others without their knowledge? Then the Prowler Stealth Cam may be the ideal piece of equipment. It allows you to be able to monitor day and night along with the ability to adjust the recording from five to 90 seconds before triggering. It can all be done even when you are not in the picture, so to speak.

Don’t be deceived. Whilst the camera may have a slight toy look to it and resembles something out of Star Wars, this stealth cam can be a powerful ally for anyone interested in wildlife as it can snap pictures using its sensors by detecting motion. These types of cameras are designed for wildlife enthusiasts who want pictures without the need to hold a camera in their hands. The camera can be positioned anywhere and will photo when it traces movement. If you want a still picture and proof of the time and date, this high-powered cam does that as well. 

The camera also comes with night-vision, not totally surprising as some of the best pictures out in the wild are to be had in the night. The nighttime pics are probably the best using the 42 infrared emitters that will work great if you are within 50 feet of your target. Of course, this will probably be best by surveying where your target is likely to be so you can place the camera in range. The night-time pictures are deliverd in balck and white 

Another good feature is its durability and that you can take photos even in the rain. Stealth Cam is the manufacturer of several game scouting cameras and are popular among nature photographers so you know the cam must be one of the best if the experts use them.

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