Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Palm Bring Nova A new Inovation

Palm is a company credited with the invention of the PDA and Handspring however Palm has not been so lucky in recent years and technology trends have been created elsewhere. Palm is now set to unveil a next-gen operating system, called Nova, which may become the foundation for new Palm handheld devices.

The new Linux based operating system, described by Palm as Palm 2.0, is believed to be positioned between the entertainment-focused iPhone and the business-centered BlackBerry - in a space where the company senses a technological gap. Palm’s concept is designed to appeal to a broader and more diverse customer base.

Currently, Palm uses its “old” Palm OS, also known as Garnet, as well as Windows Mobile for its handsets. The aging Palm OS has still its advantages such as ease of use and speed, but has a limited feature set. It doesn’t have support for high-speed networks and 3G technology. It was once believed that the remains of BeOS, a multimedia-oriented operating system Palm acquired in 2001 for $11 million, would enhance Palm OS, but those hopes never materialized.

Nova, Palm says, will be a “next-generation operating system with much more capabilities, driven around the Internet and Web-based applications” that is “going to be stunning and breakthrough in its execution.” Palm CEO Ed Colligan said that the company is working on “some very exciting new devices to go with it.”

Initially, Palm will have to work to make a comeback in the smartphone market, but the company is apparently hoping to hit a 2% share. In the end, the success will come down to the support of the platform by third-party developers. Ultimately, an operating system on any mobile device is only as great as the applications that it runs.

The upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is where Palm plans to launch a number of products based. It is expected that the company will show off its new operating system, a new user interface, and new hardware. Looking at recent ill-fated concepts such as the Foleo smartphone companion, and the critical financial situation of the company, the release of Nova could turn into a make or break event for the company.

Palm said that revenues for the quarter ended November 28 dropped about 40% year-over-year into the range of $190 to $195 million. The Centro smartphone, the company’s largest seller, has dropped dramatically in sales. Palm’s market capitalization is about $230 million

Authors Views

Palm has taken a wise setup to bring something new for its customers and it needs to bring something inovative in this era of competition. As we all know the current global situation people are now spending less and saving more and its hard to get customers to pay for a cellphone which has a old technology and is not competitive with other Devices available in the market. The New OS Fills the gap between the use of an Iphone and a Blackberry and this is somthing intresting and will exite people to know what the new OS by plam brings for its users

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