Friday, December 26, 2008

Shoe Imports banned from Pakistan

Preliminary investigations have revealed that the shoe hurled at US President Bush in Iraq was made in a shoe factory in Gujrat Pakistan. The US, EU, Japan and Australia have banned shoe imports from Pakistan as it is believed these shoes make the wearer want to take them off and throw them at Bush or his photograph or the television whenever his picture comes on. Meanwhile the ISI has denied any Pakistani involvement but offered no comment when asked whether Pakistani Defense Minister Ahmad Mukhtar owns Servis shoe factory in Gujrat. Sources say President Bush spoke with Pakistani President Zardari and asked him to do more to stop production of such shoes. In the meantime, Prime Minister Gilani has immediately placed a ban on K-Shoes factory in Lahore at the request of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The owner Lt.Col.(R) Javed Rashid* has been placed under house arrest. Manmohan Singh also demanded that no shoes should be smuggled into India and all such shoes and their makers be arrested. Other shoe factories are also under investigation.

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