Monday, December 8, 2008

Terorrists Involved in Mumbai Attacks used BlackBerrys

The terrorists in Mumbai might have committed inhuman acts, but in at least one way, they are just like you and me. When authorities cut the cable feeds to the hotels where the terrorists held over 200 hostages, they relied on another piece technology to monitor the police response and the world's reaction to the attacks: Blackberry's. Commandos were not only surprised to find the devices in the terrorists' rucksacks, but that they used the Internet to look beyond local Indian media for information, watching the global reaction in real-time as well.

It's somewhat striking that the terrorists' use of Blackberry's "caught the anti-terrorist forces by surprise." While perhaps another step forward in the sophistication of their organization, in that it it makes communication more instant than ever, it's long been reported that terrorist networks use the Internet and cellphones for communication. Why wouldn't they use the same tools that millions around the world use? They don't all live in caves, you know.

As the technology evolves, it will surely bring new horrors and disasters like it always has. Apart from this another interesting thing to note here is that Indian Government claims that Pakistani's were involved in these attacks and some of the terrorist belonged to Faridpur district. Now if one knows about Faridpur district he will surely be surprised at the indian government as Faridpur is just like a village people don't even know Urdu ( Pakistan's National Language ) they are just aware of their own local language. These people are poor illiterate and know nothing about whats happening around and the indian goverment says Terrorist belonged to Faridpur and now they claim they used blackberry's

It will surely be interesting to see villagers use blackberry's as i my self have never used one.


  1. where is the proof that they used blackberry? do you have images or video? or this is just "hear-say"?

    sorry for rude comment but i am just a concerned citizen that is craving for truth. thanks

  2. ITs all over the news search do a quick search,23739,24726093-954,00.html you can visit this link also

  3. bullshit by indians after staging a drama all by themselves

  4. Stupid stories.They say these people come from Boats from Karachi.
    If yes then let Our Navy wore bangals as they allwed people comes 1000 miles without any notification