Thursday, December 4, 2008

What a local Citizen in India thinks about Indo Pak crises

Politicians are the same globally and no country wants these thugs. We would be glad to deport the politicians named above and even put in a few more hundred of similar people like Lalu, Arjun Singh, Ram Vilas Pawan, etc who are just ruining our country. In case you don’t want to take only the male population we will be glad to deport Mamatha (responsible for TATA’s withdrawing from Bengal) and Mayawati ( UP Queen) as a bonus. India needs a fresh start minus these thugs.

As per the other people you have mentioned above most have embraced Islam, were brainwashed by the so called sect leaders and were made to commit such atrocities. In India we have hardly heard any of these names and if deporting 25 people will make India a better place to live I am sure most of the Indian population will vote for the deport (taking 35 people of 1B is hardly a difference).

The general Indian population is extremely angry by the fact that Dawood, Menon, Maulana Masood Azhar are roaming freely in Karachi with ISI backing and we have sufficient evidence of their involvement in Mumbai blast (absolutely no denying this fact). The four people released after Khandahar Hijacking were hardcore terrorist and one of them is already on International rader for beheading Daniel Pearl and other founded the LeT. Chota Rajan was actually a member of Dawood gang and was a wanted criminal even in India. After the Mumbai blast, UAE refused to deport Dawood and India was helpless since it did not have an extradition treaty with UAE. Eventually when a law was made for extradition treaty Dawood fled to Pakistan and has found safe shelter in Karachi. India is just plainly using Chota Rajan to weaken Dawood’s hold in India (there is an old saying use a thorn to remove a thorn) else the entire region would have been held on ransom by the D gang. Deport or kill Dawood and Chota Rajan will be of little use to India and will be flushed down the drain (rightful place of cockroaches). None of the guys you mentioned above are liked by the Indian people in general and are just a set of nut wits.

Indians however adore Advani and Modi (I understand Pakistan hates them) who have always stood up for what is right. Modi rules Gujarat state which has been the most successful state in India in terms of industrial development, revenues or tax collection. To bring about such a change Modi may have been rash with a few Muslims and Hindus but this is small cost to pay for overall development. After the Godhra incident Gujarat have been largely peaceful with little opposition from both Muslims and Hindus. A man who can investment of USD 14 Billion (compare this to USD 6 Billion Pak got in 2007) every year by making Gujarat the most attractive investment destinations in India can definitely be a little arrogant but for the society as a whole he has been a boon. I am sure anyone who understands economics will agree with my view and will even support a dictator who has done so much good for the country.

Advani is also a veteran of Indian politics and extremely straight forward in his comments. He has acknowledged the fact of being involved in Babri Masjid demolition but it is the Pakistan media and Indian Congress party that have termed him as being communal. I am extremely surprised as to what Pak government has against this gentleman and your thoughts on this man will be appreciated. We are frustrated by the fact that the present ruling party in India (congress) has gone to great lengths to appease Muslims in India as just vote bank politics.

The other most interesting fact that’s unknown to many in India and Pakistan is the presence of a temple below Babri Masjid. I know this for a fact that some extremely dear to me actually headed this investigation (Government department) but was not allowed to publish or release this data by the Congress party who would have lost face with this revelation. This is a fact I know and dont care if anyone takes it differently. Even if it was just a plain Mosque, no Muslim ever offered prayers at this place for almost 50 years (it was not maintained)and the place was in shatters. It was only when Advani called for its demolition did people realize of this mosque and the politicians went to great lengths to get the most of this episode. Any independent enquiry will prove the presence of temple below the Babri Masjid and is believed to be place where Lord Krishna was born. Assuming even if the place was not right I don’t think anyone in Pakistan has the right to comment or interfere in this affair since you have been silent spectators to demolition of many temples in Pakistan. As far as I can remember the last one was in Karachi to pave way for a Mall being built by Dawood (adding fuel to existing fire).

It is completely false propaganda that Muslims in India are ill treated, we consider them as a part of India. The proof of Muslim population from 8% during 1947 to 16% today is proof enough that there is no genocide. We do however suspect Pakistan where the population of Hindu’s has been on a fall ever since independence from 18% to less than 2% today. Do you even wonder who is responsible to this kind of genocide? Such drastic drop in population cannot be a normal phenomenon and has to be instigated. Any atrocities that Pak Government many have committed has lead to some Hindu’s turning violent and could be responsible for terror activities. Every bombing in India has a Muslim name behind it in India. This leads to a obvious fact on who is training these criminals and supplying them with Arms. Unlike Pakistan (tribal regions) you cannot buy a AK47 or a rifle openly in India. There is no denying this fact since this is covered umpteen number of times by National Geographic.

In the latest Mumbai blast the Pak media paints it as though the bombing was by Hindu extremist. Stating words like Fidaheen don’t wear threads around there hand is pure rubbish. The lone terrorist caught is from Pak, details on every details of training in Pak. Maybe the Pak government has no role in the present episode but indirectly they are responsible for training the LeT earlier. The funding for these organization have have been stopped now but it is like training a dog to bite while keeping it tied and eventually releasing it with no control. It is this training that has hurt even Pakistan so badly and is obvious from the fact that the tribal regions have autonomy and your government has no control over them.

Getting down to the issue of Kashmir (another political game), Muslims in Kashmir are being instigated to fight for their freedom. Do you even realize Indian Government has a rule stating no Indian can buy land in Kashmir other than the Kashmiri’s themselves? Such pre historic rule has crippled any growth in the region and it is just frustration of people that’s being reflected into violence. Even your media calls it as PoK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) and not IoK. Don’t you think reading between the lines makes a more interesting read. As a proof I extend a invitation to visit India anytime and I will be more than happy to introduce you to all my Muslim friends who will never ever complain about any discrimination in the society. Do you think Pakistan can make this claim with the Hindu’s in the region? I guess not. With Literacy in Pakistan still under 50% it is rather easy for any Terrorist leader to mould them to anything they want. Please also realize the fact every major bombing around the globe has had terrorist who were trained in Pakistan for sometime. Can you make this kind of serious allegation against India? While I do agree Media can paint news differently please analyze the facts I have mentioned above and conclude on the truth.

(In a comment on Pro-Pakistan by Mr Vinay)

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  1. Faisal from Pakistan I think You are only person i seen the great thinking unless the nation i think you have good knowledge about any prapoganda in media i mention not only indian media i also mention pak media too you are only person i have to chance for reading his thoughts truly wow please do it as such as true i like thats however this against india or pakistan or any country i like your thoughts Faisal From Pakistan