Monday, December 22, 2008

Windows 7 Beta News

Microsoft Windows 7 has got a very well planned roadmap and as I see it this operating system will provide its users the satisfaction which Windows XP Failed to offer. Windows XP for me was not worth the money but After looking at the pre beta build build release of Windows 7 i have high hopes for it.

Special Feature of Windows 7 include:

BitLocker Drive Encryption
Device Information Retrieval
Driver Protection
Dynamic Update
Desktop Gadgets
Internet Printing
People Near Me

Windows 7 is Winodws Vista done right so there is a good chance this OS will make XP truly obselete.

Some rumors on the Internet say that Windows 7 Beta shall be announced by Steve Ballmer during his keynote at CES 2009 but these are just rumors we dont have anything official yet.

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