Monday, January 12, 2009

20 Fun things to do at a Fast Food Restaurant


Do this at you own risk people may thing your crazy lol ..

1.Go up to the counter and ask for something from a different fast food outlet. E.g. Go up to a Mcdonalds counter and ask for a Zinger, when they say they dont sell them here, Yell out "F*U*" really loud, And say this loudly so everyone can hear you, "I guess ill go to kFC and get a bigmac then".

2.Give confusing orders such as "could i have an orange coke and a small medium fries"

3.For this one you will need a friend with a uniform from one of these fast food places. Go in carrying a sack with "blood" (try using tomato sauce) dripping out of the bottom and say at top pitch. "WHERE DO YOU WANT THESE COW HOOVES" and get your friend to go "yep over hear" and hand you a twenty dollar note.

4.Sit down at a table and try to shoot spitballs into peoples food using a straw.

5. Ask for the kids meal and sit down at a table playing "army" with the toy and making loud sound effects.

6. Keep falling off your chair and laughing hysterically about it and then after about 10 times fall off again but this time look sternly at the chair and say "its not funny anymore".

7.If they have music playing quietly through speakers say "I love this song", get on top of the table and start singing along using your drink as a microphone.

8.When theres a really long line take forever to decide what you want then ask the cashier what they think is good and if when they tell you say "yeah like im gonna take advise from a cashier" and leave the restaurant.

9.When there are plenty of tables, sit down with a family and join in the discussion as though you know them.

10.Play in the kids playground.

11. Dress up as though you would going to work hold a clipboard knock on the employees only door and say "suprise health inspection" and watch the fun results.

12. Go up to the co punter with a friend. Be wearing all black clothes and make your friend be wearing a ski mask. Then signal him/her to take it off when you get to the counter and pay from a big bag with a dollar sign on it.

13.If they have a T.V. Showing what the security cameras see then walk past, stop step back and say "OH MY GOD, IM ON TV" and dance around saying "hi mum" for fifteen minuets.

14. Say your the food critic from the local paper and see if you get free food.

15. Walk up to the counter, jump over to the other side of it, and start taking orders. See if anyone does anything about it.

16. Just sit there eating calmly and then stop and stare out the window in horror and yell "THERE COMING, THERE COMING!!!" and hide under the table.

17. Buy the smallest order you can think of (e.g. 1 small coke) and try to pay with a check.

18. Order the largest thing you can think of (e.g. 6 large bigmac meals) and pay in five cent peices.

19. When theres a really long line, give a large order and when they tell you how much it is say "no your wrong" so that they repeat to you what you bought and ask you if thats what you ordered then you say "yes thats what I ordered but thats not the right price for it" argue for as long as you want then finally pull out a calculator and do it out yourself then frown do it again and say "my mistake", pay and walk off with your food.

20. When they give you your order and its sitting there on the counter, look at it, look at them, and say "im at that table over there" and go and sit down.

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