Monday, January 12, 2009

Admirable Sunsets

Just sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy the moment before you. For me, gazing upon sunsets is a truly wonderful experience. The soul of the universe reveals its grand and vast beauty in the sky as the sun sinks down below the horizon line: the sky changing with each moment before you in an escalating array of remarkable colors that grow more beautiful as time fades before you

See the beauty of colors in the sky its like as if The beauty of Night and The Power of Day light are mixing together to form something called a sunset.

The beauty of a sunset is more enhanced when we have someone close to us to enjoy the beautiful moments. The calm sea the dim sunlight which is with minutes fading away in the dark is truly spectacular to see

To the true admirer, each is as spectacular as the next. You can feel the wonderful power of the sun that makes the seasons change; the flower bloom, and brings life to our planet. A captivating experience no writer could ever hope to transcend to his or her readers. Even those unknowing souls can peacefully enjoy a moment of enlightened clarity and soothing calm. It is a moment to enjoy alone, with friends or a lover: enlightenment seeping ever more closely to the heart and mind.


  1. Wow, the second one is amazing.

  2. Very pretty sunsets. I enjoyed this scenary, thanks and all Glory be to God.

    Sabbay :)