Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chinese Miracle Marlboro Phone

It's hardly surprising that the Chinese would create a mobile phone in the shape of a cigarette packet. They've even left enough room for your cigarettes. The phone has a 1.5 inch 260k color 178×220 display, a 1.3 mega pixel camera, microSD support and stereo speakers.

Well not exactly Marlboro it's Marlbara but close enough. By using this Chinese-made device you can fool people into thinking you’ve totally gone bananas and started talking on your cigarette pack. Although I’m sure it doesn’t have all the features of the latest mobile phones, but I know I’d love to have one,especially because it comes in a luxurious box, with a gold lighter and complementary cigarettes.Here are Marlbara’s specs.

* 900/1800 GSM/GPRS

* 1.5 inch 260k color 178×220 display

* 1.3 mega pixel camera

* MicroSD support

* Stereo speakers

* Measures 92×50.5×13 mm

* Weighs 98 grams

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