Thursday, January 8, 2009

Effectively use your cologne to drive women towards you

With the right cologne, find out the 6 secret spots on the body when sprayed will attract women and drive them crazy for the right reasons and be sure to receive compliments 24/7.


Spot #1 Spray the back of your ears. Give a hug and see what'll happen!

Spot #2 Spray the chest/neck area (where chest meets neck) Great results when slow dancing!!

Spot #3 Spray the outer part of your arm or outer bicep area. (Brachialis) Go for a light stroll with her and make sure is holding your arm.

Spot #4 Spray inner forearm area. Ideal for when trying to put your arm around her shoulders.

Spot #5 Spray wrists. Talk with your hands!!

Spot #6 Spray behind knees. This area will set everything up!!

Tips & Warnings

- Be sure that after spraying these areas you give a gentle rub to the sprayed spots to insure there is an even amount on skin

- Only one spray per spot is required. Anything above one spray will be to much of an overpowering scent.

- Find the cologne that best fits your lifestyle, personality and skin color.

- For best results, always shower before using cologne.

- You can spray spots with your clothes on or without.

- Results will vary based on quality of cologne.


  1. Good Informative stuff jani


  2. it gives good results to me

  3. Basically these are points in the body which remain warm, so the Cologne always keep up the smell fresh as ever. :)