Monday, January 12, 2009

Nude Animal Rights Protests In Spain

Recently a protest was organized by AnimaNaturalis, an animal rights group from Spain, in which a semi-nude woman was painted like a wild cat of some sort and remained in a cage in a public area with a sign protesting keeping circus animals in cages.

Here are some more pictures from similar nude animal rights protests in Spain

But the question is are nude animal rights protests effective?

This recent protest reminded us just how many Spanish animal rights protests involve nudity.

This protester, from AnimaNaturalis, demonstrates against circuses with animals in Spain.

This was protested against keeping animals in cages at zoos.

There have even been (nude) protests of a famous Spanish pastime and holiday -- Bullfighting and the Running of the Bulls.

On Animal Rights Day, These Spanish protesters wore clothes.

They held dead animals, which they say were found near farms.

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