Monday, January 12, 2009

Weird Shoes

"These shoes may take a Year to Wear them and then remove them "

"Foot killers "

"Stepping inside a Pyramid"

Made for Jack sparrow From Pirates of the Caribbean

It will be better to go bare foot then to wear these shoes

This looks cool but not made for Heavy Weight Ladies

is this a shoe ? or a Shoe joke
A design by Aliens

Stay away from Water the shoe might deteriorate

Black Leather made for hookers

Is this one broken ?
one would be stupid to wear this how can this be a shoe

Is this one made for bouncing of walls ? Does it have some spring type material underneath
Shoe creeping up your leg beware

shoe for women prisoners

What is this a Cat shoe ? Is this as shoe or people going back to stone age with Fashion

how will one wear this,... chains every where

Bones .... Shoe for Dead People

Great concepts by Fashion Designers but i think they have gone too far in designing these shoes. The basic requirement of a shoe is to protect our feet then be as much comfortable as possible.

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